Draft pares zoning process

The streamlined process will save town planners and board members time while assuring the goals of the comprehensive plan and new zoning and land use ordinances are met.

The new land use regulations also call on the formation of a "use table" by zone. The table will list uses, from planned until developments to outdoor tent sales, depending on the zone. The list will determine whether the use is allowed, its suggested appearance, maximum and minimum footprints, yard set backs and design standards, according to town officials.

Although the new document is a complete overhaul of the old regulations, the uses by existing zones doesn't change all that much, said Pearson. Part of the design was to use existing building design and the particular use in general of an area to guide future design and uses, he said.

"Even though there is an extensive rezoning, for the most part it doesn't change substantially the uses in the existing zones. The major changes are in mixed uses," he said.

As outlined in the townwide comprehensive plan, the town is looking to incorporate more mixed land uses in the overall character of the town. The plan includes mixed business and residential uses and streamlining the definition of zones in particular. Instead of five varying residential zones as outlined in the current land use and zoning ordinances, the new plan will establish one residential zoning classification. The particulars of mixed uses and the style of residences and developments will be determined by existing residences in the area.

Discussions among town board members have so far led to public information meetings to be held at The Crossings similar to meetings held last year as part of the comprehensive planning process.""

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