DELMAR: Home minting doesn't pay

"We cannot disclose the source of these bills," Leegi said. "The puzzle is here in New York."

The three Albany arrests were made one week after the arrest of two men in Kingston who were caught passing counterfeit $100 bills. The Albany arrests were made following a tip of a counterfeit $100 bill being passed in Glenmont.

The counterfeit money passed was considered top quality.

"The quality of the note is relative to the person looking at them," Leegi said.

"The printing on the note is not the same quality you would get from a genuine bill."

Leegi said the act of counterfeiting has changed over the past decade, and more people are using computers to process fake bills.

"With modern technology, it is not that difficult to throw a bill on a colored copier and make similar facsimiles to a note we have out there," said Leegi.

When a business takes in a counterfeit bill and does not know it is fake, they are out that amount of money.

New Bethlehem Supervisor Jack Cunningham, once a bank teller, also said the phony money passed in his town was of high quality.

"I am impressed with the police force that they were able to close it down," said Cunningham.

Leegi said these arrests bring to an end the primary source of the counterfeit operation in the Capital District.

Albany County assistant District Attorney David Rossi said his office is working with the U.S. Attorney's office in this ongoing investigation.""

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