CLIFTON PARK: Town mulls changes to law

"It has currently been resolved because of pressure that has been put upon by the building authority in anticipation for the coming laws that I think the current landowner was aware of," he said. "Over time, he has cleaned up the piles of rubbish. He's moved the cars off the lifts that were sunk into the driveway since this whole thing started."

Clifton Park resident George Sheldon voiced concerns about the proposed change during the public hearing.

"You guys did with existing law what had to be done with one complaint," Sheldon told the board. "My concern is to change the existing law, because of not a whole bunch of complaints or a lot of problems, seems like it's overreacting to the situation."

Barrett acknowledged Sheldon's concerns, but said that the proposed change was not drastic.

"If you don't nip it in the bud, if you don't take action in the community, this type of thing spreads," Barrett said. "It usually behooves a community to act swiftly and make sure this type of thing doesn't spread because it can really hurt a community over time."

Sheldon said he thought the new law projected behavior onto people before they actually behaved that way.

"In a lot of cases, that's what law does," Barrett replied. "We don't want to be Big Brother, snooping in everyone's front yard, but typically these situations present themselves; they're hard to miss."

Barrett said he expected action to be taken on the proposed amendment within the next few meetings.""

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