ROTTERDAM: Town wants law revoked

Rotterdam resident Kevin March said the county's sex offender law only protects the city of Schenectady and foists the problem on the rural areas of the county. He also agreed that restricting where people sleep wouldn't solve the problem.

"The (county) legislators are looking to empty their areas of the people they don't want," March said. "My kids live in a protected zone, but they may go somewhere else that is unprotected."

Angelo Santabarbara, director of Rotterdam's Industrial Development Agency and Republican candidate for county Legislature, said the law concerns him, and he is upset that two of Rotterdam's representatives in the county Legislature voted to pass it. Republican Joseph Suhrada and Democrat Anthony Jasenski voted to pass the law.

"Anyone voting for this does not have the best interest of the towns at heart," Santabarbara said.

In a telephone interview on Tuesday, Aug. 7, Suhrada said the county legislators should revisit the issue and if mistakes were made in the legislation, they should be fixed.

"I've heard various concerns from law enforcement and from the public and I think we should revisit this. If we made mistakes and we can amend them to make this more effective, we should do it," he said.

Suhrada said the county legislators are becoming less in tune with the needs of the people. He said he was shocked that the town's supervisors were not notified about this issue until the last minute.

"This was a tough vote for a lot of people and I think the public would appreciate the fact that we are looking at this from all sides," Suhrada said. ""

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