Underage drivers rule this Ballston Spa pavement

Beyond that, kids and their parents were free to dream up any creative schemes to make their carts fast and unique. The Land Shark, a longtime entry which has had multiple drivers over the years, is painted with a great white baring its teeth. The Union Fire Company's cart is decorated with red, white and blue stars and stripes. Thomas and Joey King's red and black car carries the warning "We brake for nobody," on the side, and on the bottom, if the cart flips, it says, "If you can read this, call my dad."

Drivers and their parents typically tinker with their carts during the weeks before the race to get them up to speed.

"The steering column ended up backward last year, so we had a lot of work to do," said Dawson Hersh, 8. "The wheels were custom-made, so it runs good, but it always helps to grease the wheels."

The finish line was the place for some great action photos, with a few minor spinouts and other tricky maneuvers. Village police clocked in speeds with their radar equipment, but weren't handing out any tickets even when the kids nudged the speed limit. Then, the racers were hauled back up the street by adults on ATVs, who looked like they were enjoying the wind in their hair as much fun as the kids.

"There are actually skid marks down at the finish, but when they hit that dirt pile, they stop whether they're braking or not," said trustee Bob Cavanaugh.

"This was the whole idea behind starting the races, to get parents involved with something fun for their kids."

Since most local roads aren't blessed with natural hills and no traffic, the race carts are usually stowed away in garages until the annual summer event. Many of the parents hoped other local municipalities would catch the racing fever.

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