MALTA: Board hears power line plans

A 30-foot easement for repairs of the lines is planned as well. Most repair work will be accessible through two sets of manholes along duct banks within this easement. However, reports from the Luther Forest Development Corporation stated that some alleyways or driveways may become blocked temporarily for repairs.

Councilman Lange expressed concerns regarding this.

"I think homeowners should be informed that they're going on an easement and that it might be dug up," he said.

In the end, Relyea said, "People are going out of their way to accommodate everyone."

Questions about the appearance of the transition substation along Stonebreak Road were also answered. The substation will be approximately 70 feet high with poles that extend 90 feet. "There's no way to hide it, just dress it up a bit," said Mike Ingersoll of the LA Group.

Ultimately, the meeting ended with a possibility of an amendment to the Planned Development District Legislation for the technology campus.

The town board announced that a public hearing regarding issues discussed at this meeting will be held some time in October.""

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