SARATOGA SPRINGS: City weighs capital projects

Public Safety Commissioner Ron Kim said a new public safety building needed to be addressed now. He agreed with Franck that it is difficult to raise taxes, but derided the 1 percent bonding limit, as it obviously hasn't allowed the city to resolve the need for a new police station.

Public Works Commissioner Tom McTygue suggested alleviating the overcrowding problem at the police department by moving the Investigations division to another building temporarily.

Kim and police Chief Ed Moore disagreed.

"I can tell you from my experience it would not work," said Moore, who ran investigations for 10 years. He said patrol and investigations are closely connected and said McTygue's suggestion was akin to him cutting off his arm and asking it to work across town.

Aside from the $17 million earmarked for the safety building, next year's capital budget also includes $3.65 million for storm drainage improvements in the southeast of the city, $1.9 million for the Saratoga Lake water project, $300,000 for improvements at the Public Works garage, $200,000 for development of the city's waterfront property on Saratoga Lake, and $100,000 for design and site development of an East Side EMS and fire station.

2009 projects include $7.55 million for the water project, $4.32 million for the fire station and $1.28 million for rehab of the Canfield Casino. 2010 includes $11.05 million for a parking deck.

A public meeting on the capital budget will be held next Tuesday, Aug. 27, at the public library at 7 p.m. Another public hearing will be held prior to the next council meeting, at 6:15 p.m. on Sept. 4.""

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