Comp Plan Committee to vote on 'concept'

Comprehensive Planning Committee Chairman Manny Choy says he wants to go on the record with the comprehensive plan as a concept, although he admits the plan itself is only 95 percent finished and cannot be completed before newly elected city officials take office.

When asked why the committee didn't wait until it had a document that 100 percent complete, Choy said that remains an option for the committee to consider at its Dec. 5 meeting.

"There are some members who feel we should wait, but there are some members of the committee who feel strongly that we should go on the record before the next City Council convenes," Choy said Tuesday, Dec. 4, a day before a scheduled meeting of the Comprehensive Planning Committee. "A lot of us feel that after a year plus of work we should move on something."

Choy said committee staff will not have time to finish the fine tuning and do a State Environmental Quality Review that is required before the City Council can act on it. Therefore, it will have to go to the new council.

Committee member Gordon Boyd said he felt the proposition of voting on a concept was pointless.

"As a governmental action, it is meaningless," he said. "I'm very concerned about the process"that we're voting on an unfinished product."

Boyd said he takes issue with the notion that Choy and others on the committee are treating the city's comprehensive plan as something ethereal in its implications.

"The comprehensive plan is not a concept," said Boyd. "It is a very specific set of zoning and planning standards that will affect people's property value."

Boyd also said that so many different drafts of the plan are circulating that, at this point, he wouldn't know which one he was being asked to vote on. When asked how many different versions of the plan he's seen, Boyd said, "I've lost track. Things were being edited and things were showing up in copies that weren't there before. This is far from a finished product."

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