Scotia Swedish group to celebrate St. Lucia

Communications spokeswoman for the lodge Paula Wallin-Eddy said the lodge will celebrate its 100th year in April. A celebration has already taken place in Saratoga, where members took time to honor 100 years of friendship and heritage.

"A faithful group of people continue to honor their ancestors' history and cultures as well as passing it on to their next generation, always striving to seek out new members to continue the journey with," said Wallin-Eddy of the celebrations.

Chairman of the lodge Alan Andersen said the success of the lodge is in part because of how much it gives back to its members. He said the celebration of St. Lucia is just an example of how the lodge honors simple pleasures, such as food and conversation. He said originally the lodge was only open to people with Swedish heritage, but now members are a mix of people with Swedish and Scandinavian backgrounds.

"We are happy to have a mix of Swedish, Danish, Iceland and Finland, and spouses of people with these backgrounds. Believe it or not, we even accept those who have a genuine interest in the Scandinavian culture," said Andersen.

Andersen said in the spring, the group holds a barbecue and has a Maypole to mark the start of the summer season, another event that he said is popular with the lodge.

The St. Lucia celebration coincides with the celebration of "God Jul" or Merry Christmas. This celebration will be held at the Buekendall Masonic Temple on Schonowe Avenue in Scotia on Sunday, Dec. 9, at 7 p.m.""

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