Boyea zoning change denied in Saratoga

Comprehensive Planning Committee member Camille Daniels said the zoning change was not in accordance with the comprehensive plan, and that spotzoning would create more problems than it would alleviate.

"I don't think it's a good precedent, to mitigate people's specific financial problems with selective rezoning," she said.

Of the property owners, only Boyea attended the Tuesday, Dec. 18, public hearing, and he asked that the public hearing be left open so that other concerned parties could attend.

But Keehn pushed for a vote later in the Dec. 18 meeting, stating she was fearful of how the incoming City Council would vote on it.

"I suggest to you that that [approving the zoning change] would be the ultimate act in encouraging sprawl in our gateways," she said.

Franck took issue with this, saying it was presumptive of the mayor to assume she knew how the incoming council would act on the application. He also said his issue was with the fact that the applicants paid fees to apply for a comprehensive plan amendment, but that process of developing the plan is still underway.

Before denying the variance, council members voted to refund the applicants $1,600 that they paid to get the city to consider changing the Comprehensive Plan to reflect property owners' wishes about the zoning. ""

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