The long farewell

"I did it more so I could know people would support him," said Bassett.

A similar profile was started when Harrison "Harry" Carnevale, 17, was killed by a reckless driver in Albany in June.

Carnevale was also well known and well liked. For a lot of people mourning Strizzi's death, as was the case with Carnevale's death, the site has provided closure, Bassett said. Strizzi's personal profile is still up on the site and it is frequented by people saying goodbye.

Following the initial grief and surprise that gripped the community after Strizzi's suicide, mourners are searching for answers. As far as police know, there was no "precipitating incident."

Whatever the reason, if there is or isn't one, is not the question, said Bassett. The focus, instead, seems to mirror comments made by DuBois that the community needs to learn from Strizzi's life and death and not let this happen to anyone again.

Whereas DuBois spoke of love and re-centering one's self so that suicide is never an option, Bassett and Facebook.com members are using each other to make their peace with Strizzi's decision.

"I'm extremely impressed with how people are dealing with this," Bassett said.


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