Tips To Help You Start Saving NOW

For instance, if you were to save a mere $25.00 a week for a year with a modest compounded interest of 1.25 percent, at the end of the year you would have $1,325.00, which could be an extra mortgage payment, or car insurance for a year, or a big screen TV.

Think twenty-five bucks a week is unachievable? Try these ideas:

Review your telephone, cell phone, and cable or satellite TV contracts to see if you can switch to less costly plans or reduce or eliminate some of those bills.

Bring your lunch to work a couple of times a week instead of dining out. Rent a video instead of going out to the movies. Make coffee at home instead of opting to buy premium drive-thru coffee.

Can you car pool to work with a friend or spouse, or use public transportation?

Use coupons when you go grocery shopping and cook a few more meals at home each month instead of going out to eat.

Your automobile is a huge expense. Buying used versus new can save you a lot. So can shopping around for the best loan and insurance rates. And when you do make a purchase, you may want to look for models that get better gas mileage and that don't have exorbitant sticker prices.

There are hundreds of little ways you can save money each week and with each purchase that won't leave you feeling as if you're depriving yourself of living a good life. It all comes down to choices " and the best question you can ask yourself before making any purchase (to make sure it's a wise one) is "do I need this, or do I want it?" It's okay to want things. And it's okay, on occasion, to buy those things. The trouble begins when the "I wants" outnumber and overshadow the "I needs."

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