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"I think school classes are a good way to start interest," said Salter. "There are a lot of opportunities for kids to get involved in theater classes which creates an interest in a new audience."

Mancinelli-Cahill said theater is a venue that embodies a social dynamic modern cinema and television are unable to capture.

"In our society right now, there are fewer and fewer places to have a communal experience," said Mancinelli-Cahill. "In the theater, everyone is there at the same time having he same experience."

Set in Salem, Mass., during the famous witch hunts of the late 17th-century, Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" was written during the McCarthy Era, a period in American history typified by anti-Communist vehemence.

"The Crucible" embodies themes and motifs that are appropriate when considering the political and social climate of society today, said Mancinelli-Cahill. "Theater has the greatest ability to connect the past to the present."

"The Crucible" is part of the theater's "Classics on Stage" featuring a special week of student matinees.

"Each year a classic production is chosen to correspond with school curriculum," explains Mancinelli-Cahill. "Students and teachers can get an opportunity to see what it's really supposed to be like when it's off the page."

As a student of theater himself, David Girard, a veteran Equity actor, who auditioned for the role of Rev. Hale, considers "The Crucible" a pivotal plan in American culture.

"It's my favorite play," said Girard. "It's one of these plays that I don't think I could stop learning from. It's an incredibly important piece of theater, symbolically, the mistakes being made in the play are still being made today."

Girard said that theater has the ability to break down social walls both on stage and in the dressing room.

"There's a great sense of camaraderie; gay, straight or whatever, guys are guys," said Girard.

Auditions are still continuing. You'll be able to find out if Salter and Girard made the show when "The Crucible" takes to the stage from April 27 " May 26.

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