SCOTIA: New administration, same old geese

"Right now the park is a mess. The volunteers lost support when the geese were chased to the air base. The geese have now returned and are wreaking havoc," said Benny.

When chased away, the geese do not travel far and can be found afterward " often in groups of hundreds " along Route 5 East, not far from the village.

Save the Geese spokesman David Goldschmidt said this is why it is important that neighboring communities make an effort to haze the geese as well.

"We're all optimistic that working with the board will be productive.," Goldschmidt said.

"Last summer, we started the hazing process far too late, but were still successful in greatly reducing the Canada goose population in Collins Park. So this year, with the board backing us, we'll start the hazing process on time, likely end of April, early May," said Goldschmidt.

Goldschmidt said volunteers are ready for both egg addling and hazing, and they are always looking for more volunteers.

"Combining this with our willingness to help with the egg addling process should provide a long-term solution to keeping a clean park," said Goldschmidt.

Benny said he feels it is important to remain focused on the purpose of the park.

"I've said all along that our park is for children and families to enjoy. It's our responsibility to maintain its usability," said Benny.""

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