SPOTLIGHT WEB EXCLUSIVE: Living in the Ice World

Understandably, we lamented the loss of our chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream the most. We began to show signs of disorientation. My daughter carried her change of clothes back to the car wearing fuzzy black slippers. I opened my briefcase and found my toothpaste and a spare pair of socks.

Later, I discovered four cheese sticks in my purse. I still haven't located my contact lens case.

At our friend's home, before I had a chance to scold Ryan again, he ran through the icy grass and skidded onto his behind.

"I'm tired of living out of our car," Ryan complained. The lure of the vagabond life was fading fast. The publisher of The Spotlight called to offer his generator to us. We picked up enough Italian food for an army Tuesday night, discovered the kids' backpacks were still at home, ditto for the air mattress, but at least we had the guinea pig. Outside the windows, the ice hadn't released its hold on the trees; such beautiful, terrible ruin.


For ice storm photos, go to Saratoga County weather in our Sights and Sounds section.


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