Playing it safe in summer: Having the right equipment and know-how can prevent injuries

Use your head

"Another important safety issue is helmets," said June. Whether biking, rollerblading, or riding an all-terrain vehicle, wearing a helmet is extremely important and can prevent serious injury.

"Most people associate injuries with traffic accidents," said June. "Children can suffer serious head injuries just falling off their bike in the driveway."

Although using helmets is important, there are a number of other things cyclists can do to increase their safety on the road.

Josh Poppel, executive director for the New York Bicycling Coalition, said people should remember "bicycles are vehicles in New York state so they follow the same rules." That means bicyclists must right on the right hand side of the road with traffic and obey the lights at intersections. If cyclists are out at night, they need to be riding a bike equipped with front and rear lights.

"Using hand signals and communicating are also important. Cyclists need to properly convey their intentions so that others know what they are going to do," said Poppel. Adding that the numbers of cyclists on the road increase during the warm weather months, Poppel encourages both cyclists and motorists to pay better attention to each other and recognize that they are sharing the roadways.

Take the sting out

June noted that bee stings become a problem for many during the summer months and for the people who have severe reactions it can be life threatening. Typically, if victims are going to have a severe reaction June said it will normally occur within the first 20 minutes. June said it is not unusual to see severe reactions in older middle age adults or senior citizens who have never had a bad reaction before. People who know they are severely allergic to bee stings should be carrying an Epi-Pen.

"It is important that people check the expiration date on the pens they are carrying," said June. "They should be kept someplace where the victim or someone else can get to it and administer it within a few minutes."

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