Playing it safe in summer: Having the right equipment and know-how can prevent injuries

Keep your cool

Both June and Borden said high temperatures and high humidity can become a problem for people, particularly the very young and the very old. Borden suggests staying away from alcohol during the heat and drinking plenty of fluids to maintain hydration.

"If you have to be out, protect your skin with long sleeves and a hat. Make sure to eat. We need to maintain energy," said Borden. He also suggested staying as cool as possible. That might mean mowing the lawn early in the morning or later in the afternoon, or stopping whatever you are doing and going into a cool place for a period of time.

"Heat exhaustion can occur within an hour of being in the sun," said Borden, noting that many things factor into how your body responds to heat. June adds that it is necessary for people to "gauge the temperature and their activity level. Be aware of your limitations. People can be dehydrated in temperatures of 75 degrees."

June added that the elderly may be taking medications that make them more prone to dehydration. Patients should be asking if this is a side effect to the medications they are on. If that is the case, patients simply need to be more diligent about getting the appropriate amount of fluids in their body.

"Thanks to some of the physical changes that happen as we age, older adults

can't cool down as well as younger ones. Just as important, older people may not feel hot when the temperature is dangerously high," said the American Geriatrics Society's Foundation for Health in Aging. "They are also less likely to feel thirsty, even when they are almost dehydrated, which means that their bodies have lost dangerous amounts of water."

Be prepared

Thunderstorms might provide a nice break from the scorching heat this summer, but they present their own list of dangers. Storms often result in power outages that can last hours or days. Everyone should have an emergency kit made up and available to them in the case of a power outage.

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