Wildlife study to begin at Schenectady airport

Israel said he didn't know how to combat the coyote population, which prey on the airport's abundant field mice. Israel said currently a local volunteer has been trapping them.

Managing wildlife is not just a problem for the Schenectady County Airport, but for airports worldwide. The Albany International Airport has its own wildlife management plan that dates back to at least 1995.

Director of public affairs for the Albany County Airport Authority, Doug Myers said Albany International Airport personnel use propane fired cannons, which are stationed around the airport to ensure that birds don't nest or flock around the airport's grounds.

Myers said the Albany airport has birds, geese, groundhogs, deer, coyotes, foxes and skunks living on its grounds. He said personnel constantly patrol the perimeter and notify planes if animals are in the path.

The airport takes other measures, like eliminating food sources by controlling the amount of brush and shrubs around the grounds and eliminating any standing water. The airport also has a permit to kill any interfering animal if necessary, although that is a last resort.

"When it comes down to it, the animals are less important than the safety of the plane's occupants," Israel said.


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