Clifton Park woman wants to bring color to kids' world

With all of the needs of the orphanage, Comstock could have chosen a variety of supplies to collect and donate, but she said art was important to her.

"I'm an artist and I know how important it is to get emotions out, especially for kids who have been traumatized," she said. "It will help them express themselves in different ways, and not only that it will bring them color that they don't have."

Josiah Tilton is the executive director for Ghana West Africa Missions in the United States, the organization that backs the Village of Hope.

"Ghana is a very poor country so the people really struggle to find the help that they need. Our purpose is to help the children who are orphans or abandoned and to try and provide them with schooling, education, food, clothing: any of those things that would make those lives either," Tilton said.

"None of us are able to do it by ourselves so we certainly need to help of everything that we can find."

Comstock said the next step in the project is to get local churches and businesses involved. She is no stranger to organizing charity events. Last year, she oversaw a Sept. 11 commemoration in Cohoes in which local businesses donated all of the materials for the event.

"I can't really do a lot of things, but I can get a lot of people to do a lot of things," Comstock said. "That is what this is going to be about. It's not about one person doing things, it's about everybody coming together and taking part in this."

For information or to make a donation, call 209-1672.


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