SARATOGA SPRINGS: Bidder calls for track registry

Mayoral contender Gordon Boyd weighed in on the issue, using it as a platform to blast Mayor Valerie Keehn for what he sees as her failure to secure the track's historic status while she was on the Ad Hoc Committee on the Future of Racing.

"I have been pointing this out for months. The Concerned Citizens for Saratoga Racing have had it as a priority for more than a year," said Boyd in written statement. "We would not be fighting this battle at the 11th hour if Mayor Keehn had delivered on this issue during the nearly 12 months she served on Gov. (George) Pataki's RFP committee (the Ad Hoc Committee) That committee's report, which the mayor supported, failed to assure the city of any control over land use on any of the racecourse property. If that report had come out right on this issue, it would have vastly improved our chances of getting it right now. Unfortunately, Mayor Keehn came back empty- handed, and now it is up to others to try to persuade the state to give the city the control it should have had all along."

Keehn said measures were taken by the committee to address preservation. The committee had the prospective franchises explain how they would ensure preservation and involve the local community, she said. Keehn described Boyd's assertion as "slanderous" and said it was obviously politically motivated.""

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