CLIFTON PARK: Brown water has man seeing red

"I'm confident that the water we provide to our customers is safe on a daily basis," Austin said. "I really think that we did a good job of taking care of this situation in a methodical fashion."

"We are aware of the brown water that does happen," said Helmut Gerstenberger, chairman of the water authority. "The water is tested. Certainly we take everything you have said here seriously, and we'll research everything in great detail."

According to the water authority's 2007 water quality report, the only maximum contaminant levels that were in violation of state regulations were two disinfection byproducts. Lead, copper and all other minerals were well below the maximum allowed levels.

Clifton Park Councilman Sandy Ross was also at the meeting.

"I think the water authority addressed it very well. They're going to take care of it," Roth said. "I'm sure this will be resolved."

After the meeting, McGuffey said he disagreed with the board's position on dirty water.

"Don [Austin] said that it's OK to have brown water once a night at your house, and I don't believe that's acceptable," McGuffey said. "It's his job to fix it."

McGuffey said that the most recent tests of his water revealed no harmful levels. He also said that he encounters dirty water about 1 percent of the time, and that it disrupts his water use several times per week.

"We're going to have further conversation with him to see if the issue is really resolved," Austin said. ""

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