MALTA: Malta residents envision future

Among the positives listed were the number of local businesses, the architecture, the central shopping location of the area, and the existing historic district.

Several groups discussed the possibility of moving the gazebo currently located on the corner of Route 67 and Route 9 to another location within the downtown. Other suggestions included changing or improving the function of the gazebo. Historian Teri Ulrich noted that a series of plaques have already been proposed for the inside the gazebo, which would detail Malta's rich history. Other suggestions include developing linkage roads to avoid additional curb cuts and allow for alternatives to traveling on Route 9.

Irwin and Ian Law, project manager for Synthesis, suggested moving the town building garage. Those gathered at the workshop seemed to like the idea and took it a step further. In addition to removing the garage, Councilwomen Donna Gizzi and Sue Nolen suggested creating a single municipal building on that site or the existing town hall site. Nolen said the multiple-story building would be built in accordance with the downtown standards and guidelines and be large enough to house all town offices. Currently, the court offices, as well as the historian's office, are located in a separate building.

Other suggestions included creating a green space that would serve as a gathering place for residents. Suggestions included building an outdoor amphitheater and a space to create an ice rink in the winter months. Still others said a school should be located somewhere in the downtown area as well.

"The town board has to buy property," said Charles Siciliano. "The town board should be purchasing property to plan for future use."

Residents at the workshop were very clear about the type of businesses they felt are needed in downtown Malta. Although expressed a desire for some upscale bars, a sports bar, and restaurants, they also wanted the area to be a place that attracts families.

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