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Cornell's A team is among the top three in the Metro East region and ranked 30th out of more than 500 programs in the United States and Canada as chosen by the Ultimate Players Association (UPA), the governing body for ultimate frisbee. The UPA also sanctions national championship tournaments for college and youth levels, which are televised.

All of this has led to a more serious approach to the sport at the collegiate level to the point where some schools are now recruiting high school players.

"A lot of high school kids are using ultimate as a factor in deciding on colleges," said Reinhardt. "There's a small group of schools that get the best high school players."

An ultimate frisbee player's career doesn't end in college, either. Many cities have ultimate frisbee clubs, including Albany Ultimate in the Capital District, and numerous tournaments take place in the summer. Albany Ultimate will be hosting its annual Ow My Knee! Tournament July 21 and 22 at Scotia's Maalwyck Park and Glenville's Polo Fields, which are behind the Beukendaal Fire Department.

"This is definitely something I plan on pursuing after college," said Reinhardt. "I'm already playing on clubs in Boston this summer, and I know the rest of my teammates at Cornell are looking to keep playing after college."

Reinhardt said the best part about club ultimate frisbee is that nearly anyone can play.

"It crosses age boundaries," he said. "I'm playing on this one team during the summer where there's a person who is closer to my parents' age than mine. There's also two people on this team " one who is a teacher, and another who I think is one of his students, and they work together as peers."

It's that kind of atmosphere that draws people to ultimate frisbee and keeps them going in the sport.

"I am looking forward to playing this in college," said McGrath. "This is a sport that can be played by anybody who's never played before.""

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