BURNT HILLS: Look back, look ahead

Walsh will spend the summer athis new alma mater, working in the computer science lab updating and repairing computers. The job isn't full-time, and will leave Walsh with plenty of time to enjoy the other benefits of high school graduation.

"There are parties, two or three of them, every weekend from now until the end of July," said Walsh. "I'll be in the pool nonstop."

The class of 2007 salutatorian, Elizabeth Allocco, is heading to Columbia University to study neuroscience.

Earlier this year, Allocco was named a national semi-finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search 2007, America's oldest and most prestigious high school science competition.

Allocco's project was titled "The Neurocircuitry of Self-Recognition," and was the result of three years of work in a special BH-BL science research course with teacher Regina Reals. Allocco also spent the last two summers working with Dr. Joy Hirsch, director of the Functional MRI Research Center at Columbia Medical Center in New York City. Her project involved using an MRI scanner to measure adults' reactions to seeing photos of themselves as infants.

Allocco is breathing a sigh of relief that she won't be spending this summer, at least, in a research lab.

"It's going to be great to have time to relax and read the books I want to read," said Allocco. "This will be my first summer not working, and I plan to hang out with friends."

On her summer to-do list is reading the "Harry Potter" series, going to SPAC for the ballet and orchestra, walking around downtown Saratoga Springs, and lounging in Congress Park.

One thing she won't likely be doing is sleeping until noon.

"I'm actually a morning person by nature," she said with a laugh. "I find it's the best time of the day for me. But I will have lots of free time that's not scheduled for anything."

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