MALTA: Board members clash

"I would want more elected positions not less. Don't take away my right to vote," Ouellette said, adding that he thought every department head should be up for public vote rather than appointed by the town board.

Another resident stood to take issue with what he said was Nolan's lack of availability.

"I have called you three times," said Joe Niles to Nolan as he paced in front of the board pointing his finger at her. "In the beginning of December, I called and asked you to meet with me. You said you were too busy. You said you would call me. You haven't ever called."

Niles' comments were peppered with frequent interruptions by Nolan defending herself.

In heated tones, Niles continued to ask that she hear him out and give him his turn to speak.

"You're the only one who wouldn't listen to me," said Niles, noting he'd met with each of the other board members, including Sausville. "Is that any way to do your job?"

Niles said the town board needed more members because, in its present configuration, it had become "too tight, too closed."

While the rest of the items on the agenda were taken care of with little discussion and fanfare, it was at the close of the meeting when an item not listed on the agenda was brought up for discussion and tempers began to flare anew, putting everyone on the defensive.

At issue was the inclusion of the supervisor's photo in a pamphlet designed to encourage volunteerism among the town's residents, which is to be paid for by the town of Malta. The pamphlet asks residents of Round Lake and Malta to join the ranks of the Round Lake Hose Company, Malta Ridge Fire Department, and Malta Ambulance Corps.

Councilwoman Donna Gizzi said she didn't think it was appropriate that a picture of Sausville be included in the brochure.

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