DELMAR: Anti-war group keeps the peace

"We do have support from soldiers," said McLean, who recently braved sub-zero weather to display his anti-war signs.

"It was really cold last week, but in cold weather, people appreciate your efforts more," said McLean.

When the peace group first began protesting the war, they assumed it would last a few weeks, maybe a few months, and the war would be over and they would be back home. Not many believed they would still be out every Monday looking for support four years later.

"I am out here 50 out of 52 weeks," said Trudy Quaif, a mother of two sons, one of them who encouraged her to go out and protest.

"He said if you are going to complain about the war, why don't you go out there and stand out with them," said Quaif.

She said she was nervous the first week she joined the group.

"People are much more likely to be hostile when there is only one or two of you," Quaif said.

The group has expanded to 750 members and most now believe the support to send the troops home continues to grow every week.

"Over the years, public opinion has changed, even in Delmar," said protestor Gus Cadieux.""

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