SARATOGA SPRINGS: 13 walk out of Dem caucus

Schneider said the split has a lot to do with the charter reform movement that split the party " and the city " last fall when it was put to referendum.

Keehn led the pro-charter reform camp, while Boyd has called charter reform, and the process that Keehn and the Charter Reform Committee followed, rushed and divisive. Keehn wants to do away with the city's commission style of government, citing conflicts of interest among city council members who also act as their own department heads. Boyd was a member of an anti-charter change organization that fought successfully to keep the unique form of government.

The walkout came about when committee member Al Ormsby attempted to introduce a resolution at the start of the meeting saying the party would not endorse any candidates.

Ormsby said it isn't necessary to endorse a candidate unless someone from outside of the party is seeking the endorsement. He also said it is unfair to require committee members who support Keehn to collect petition signatures for Boyd.

Keehn said the walkout is indicative of some embers of the party being mired in tradition while there is a "new, progressive part of the party that wants to take us in a new direction."

Other candidates that got endorsements Saturday include: incumbents John Franck for Accounts, Thomas McTygue for public works and Ron Kim for public safety and city supervisors Joanne Yepsen and Cheryl Keyrouze.

The Committee also endorsed former mayoral candidate and one-time city Democratic Chairwoman Jane Weihe, for Finance Commissioner. Weihe is stepping in for independent incumbent Matthew McCabe, who had been endorsed by the Democratic line in the last election, but has decided not to run again.""

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