COLONIE: Noisy dispute

The town's noise ordinance prohibits sound measured 20 feet from the property line above 75 decibels " the equivalent of loud singing from 3 feet away " between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

"The problem is, and it's a problem with noise ordinances, that there is a lot of noise that's aggravating but not criminal," Heider said.

When tested, police recorded the ambient noise of Troy-Schenectady in the vicinity of Purtell Avenue and The Roman Pub at 68 decibels.

"I don't know what to do. This place has got to be 100 years old, and we've never had other complaints," said Marks, pub manager. "It's a jukebox, that's all we have other than a dart board."

Marks agreed that the door is the issue. Sometimes smokers leave it open and the jukebox that is notoriously loud, programmed for 80 decibels inside, is heard from the rear of Hannah and Lombardo's property.

To address the recent string of complaints that began last summer, Marks said she had the company that the pub contracts with for the jukebox, come in and program it so it can't exceed 80 decibels, she said.

"People put money in to hear songs, and we turn the juke box way down," she said.

Heider said that Marks has been cooperative with police and often, when asked, the music is turned down and the doors are closed, he said.

Marks feels that the constant complaints by Lombardo and Hannah are harassment as calls are nearly nightly, and on several occasions, employees, including her granddaughter, are accosted by the couple, she said.

However, Lombardo and Hannah contend that they personally see to the door being closed when the noise is too much.

The problem would be solved if the pub would just close its door and keep watch of its patrons, said Hannah. It's is not a matter of who was here first, she said. It's just neighborly.

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