If you ask Tom McTygue, he didn't lose on Nov. 6.

McTygue's challenger for commissioner of public works, Anthony Skip Scirocco, won every district Tuesday night and had the highest total votes, with 5,190 to McTygue's 3,222, according to the unofficial tally by the Saratoga County Board of Elections.

"I said before the election and I'll say it again, this was a win-win situation for me," the 32-year public works commissioner said. "This is a hell of a load off of my shoulders. People wanted a change, they got it. They'll have a new commissioner, and now I'm retired and I'm happy."

McTygue ran on a long list of accomplishments over his long tenure in public works. His challenger, however, said that tenure was riddled with scandal, investigations by federal agencies, questionable environmental practices and charges of racism.

A crucial blast came on Election Day itself, when McTygue was allegedly caught stealing Scirocco's election signs. Scirocco sent out two press releases regarding the incident: one stating he had no choice but to press charges, a later release stating that he decided he would not.

McTygue, the day after the election, said he had permission to remove the signs, which were on one of his supporter's property. He also said a DPW employee that was with him at the time of the alleged incident was off the clock.

"It was a nasty campaign," McTygue said. "They threw a lot of mud at me, and it looks like the mud stuck."

Scirocco, 59, an elected city supervisor from 1998-2005, campaigned on a platform of teamwork, openness and professionalism.

"I'm going to bring that to the City Council, stability to the City Council. I think that's what needs to happen, and we need to work together, and I think from there, good things will happen," said Scirocco after the final election results came in at the Holiday Inn on Broadway.

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