BALLSTON: Glenville to hold town to contract

A multi-municipality debate is on regarding the town of Ballston's two contracts to purchase water from Glenville and the Saratoga County Water System.

In a Spotlight Newspaper's breaking story on Nov. 1, town of Glenville Supervisor Frank Quinn reiterated his firm intention to hold Glenville's largest water customer to the contract as written. Quinn said upgrades of about $2.5 million were done a few years ago to accommodate Ballston's future needs, and those costs will need to be recouped by sales to the neighboring town until 2022.

The town of Glenville and other town water users aren't going to suck up those improvement costs because the Ballston board didn't do their homework, said Quinn.

The town of Charlton is a smaller customer of the Glenville water system, contracted until 2020 for about 34 million gallons per year.

Town Supervisor Alan Grattidge said Charlton has a good working relationship with its water supplier.

"We've been very satisfied with our water system as it is," said Grattidge. "We have a very good relationship with the town (of Glenville) and look forward to working with them in years to come."

Grattidge expressed his dismay about the predicament the towns of Glenville and Ballston now face in dealing with the no-release clause.

"It's unfortunate Ballston is in a position like this, and I don't disagree with them looking at the county system," said Grattidge. "But Glenville has provided water to Ballston and to our town for 40 years, and they feel Ballston is turning their back on them. Ultimately, you live and die by your contracts."

Grattidge stressed, however, that he has been a proponent of the county water system since its inception.

"I don't have any animosity about Ballston buying water from the county; I think it's good for the county as a whole," said Grattidge. "We're not a candidate for getting on the system because it would be a huge expense and cut into agricultural land we're working to preserve."

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