CLIFTON PARK: Off the leash, but in control

"I've learned people doing the surveys are a little more honest because they're not face to face with us," he said. Baker said there might be hesitation on the part of some because the people they're complaining about are their neighbors and friends. "There is a reluctance to lodge formal complaints," he said.

Baker and Gonczlik also reviewed the rules and compliance issues they have for unleashed dogs in Kinns Road Park. Clifton Park does not have a leash law, but it does have an ordinance that mandates dogs must be under their owners' control when they leave their property.

The problem the town is running into in Kinns Road Park, officials said, is that owners have varying definitions of what passes for "under control."

"An owner thinks his dog is perfect, but other people may not know the animal," said Councilman Sanford Roth.

Baker and Gonczlik said the pilot program ends in December, when the Friends of Kinns Road will recap and see what did and didn't work with the program. Moving forward, Gonczlik said he'd like to see the town address dog-waste removal issues in the park, having a unified trail map system on the town's Web site and a section for education on open space trail development. ""

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