SARATOGA SPRINGS: Keehn blasts city party

"I think everyone was on their own and (Thomas) McTygue thought he didn't need the party," said Keehn. "And, in fact, I didn't either," she said, noting her victory over Boyd in the Democratic Primary, despite not having the party's nomination. "At this point, I don't think the City Democratic Committee is capable of representing the Democrats of Saratoga Springs."

Saratoga County Democratic Committee Chairman Larry Bulman says there's blame to be had with Keehn and McTygue.

"I was very upset with the mayor for not appointing Bill McTygue, but Tom could've said, 'You know, she's the mayor, she has the right to make appointments.' But instead, Tommy made a decision to go to war," said Bulman. "In the end, it caught up with them."

Bulman said he is proud of what his party has accomplished county-wide and is optimistic the Saratoga Springs party can be united.

"We've had much more success than failures in the county," he said. "The only stumbling trip-up we've had this year is what happened in the city, and that was mostly between two people and two different personalities."

Bulman said that come next June, when the party reorganizes, he won't tolerate any divisiveness.

"What I'm going to put out as their leader is if they want to get organized and have a united party, then come aboard. But I won't support any person who wants to divide this party," said Bulman.

As for Keehn, she said she doesn't feel that she or any of her followers need the city Democratic Committee in the future. When asked if she or any of her followers could go it alone in city politics, she said, "I think we have the ability, the will and the desire, but if that's the approach they'll take, I don't know."

She did say with certainty that she wouldn't go courting the city committee anytime soon.

"I have no intention of going out and specifically reaching out to people who, I feel, sat on the sidelines while I was pushing an agenda of open and honest government," Keehn said.

Schneider said he's happy to have this election cycle behind him and he shares Bulman's optimism for the future of the city Democrats.

"I'm an old Brooklyn Dodgers fan," he said. "So I'm used to saying, 'Wait 'til next year.'" ""

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