COLONIE: Public criticizes town action

Steck cited a 1981 opinion from the state comptroller's office critical of public work on private land. However, town officials defended their actions with another comptroller ruling that stated if it benefits the municipality more so than the private entity then its legal and encouraged.

Colonie contends that it is doing itself a favor by getting rid of excessive stockpiles of construction debris. That debris was the result of spring floods and area construction by several town departments. The "slop," as it has been referred to, was riddled with trash and debris. A bucket of it was set out on a table at the board meeting last week.

The audit confirmed what town departments stated in their defense of the work that the debris was turned down by several other private and public entities, including the town landfill.

The town turned to the West Albany Rod and Gun Club after it was told that it would be paying $51 per ton to drop the debris at the landfill. The landfill had no use for it on site and cited safety concerns with using the slippery soil to act as topping soil for recently dumped garbage.

The West Albany Rod and Gun Club was the only taker, and even that took some finagling, officials have said.

"You want people to believe that this slop was graded and turned into a parking lot. We are not idiots in the town of Colonie. There are no consequences for any of these actions. When are you going to take responsibility as public officials and serve us?" asked C.J. O'Rourke of Loudonville.

Brizzell, who sits on the audit committee alongside Bronner and Frank Mauriello, deputy town supervisor, stands behind the assessment of the work that was done, she said.

However, she remains critical of the process. She attributed some of the turnout and comments at the meeting to political grandstanding.

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