Truck show drives crowds to fairgrounds

Customized or historically accurate, souped up or scaled down, able to run on its own or in pieces, the cars and trucks at the 18th annual American Truck Historical Society's show brought back a bit of nostalgic Americana, and to boot, many were sleek, shiny and colorful.

The event, held at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds Saturday, Sept. 22, and Sunday, Sept. 23, drew hundreds of fans of all ages to ogle vehicles of all ages.

Any old truck, rusty old hulk or showroom new condition, push it, drag it, tow it, join the fun, said fliers for the event, sponsored by the Hudson Mohawk society chapter.

With no judging and no vehicle registration fee, the grounds were virtual parking lots for the glistening cars and trucks sweating off their wax coats under the unseasonably hot sun Saturday.

There were also fire engines, gas engines, engine parts, a flea market and craft show, tool sales, kid's toy sales and perhaps most importantly, tents with fresh lemonade and soda.

Most spectators were admiring the steering wheels, rooftops or front seats of the antique vehicles, but others got down on their knees to peer beneath the cars and trucks, and appeared to be sniffing liquids that dribbled on a few tires.

"There's oil on that back tire that shouldn't be there," said Warren H. Whinnery of Florida, attending the show with his family members who live locally. "You look for faults, like rust or drips. It's not just the fancy colors, although that could earn you extra points."

Whinnery pointed to a nearly blindingly glittery gold 1950s Chevrolet five-window.

"See that color isn't how this car came off the showroom floor, it didn't sparkle that way, so it hasn't been restored to its original form," said Whinnery. "That kind of paint wasn't even around in the 1950s."

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