Sparks fly as Bethlehem residents confront National Grid

"We're going to spend $3 million in Bethlehem, and that's a lot of money," said Flaherty.

James Murphy, superintendent of transmission and distribution for National Grid, walked residents through the process the company follows after a power outage.

"Public safety is the first priority," said Murphy.

He said that trees that have fallen on power lines or lines that may be arcing or on fire would be a main priority, as well as restoring power to customers with critical care needs.

"We start from the top and work our way down," from transmission line to substation to feeders and main lines, said Murphy. "The timeframe depends on the magnitude of the storm."

But residents continued to press for quicker action.

"Four days in a hotel is hard to take," said one resident.

Others threatened to go to the Public Service Commission with their woes and file a claim with the company's claims department.

"We have got problem areas, and we're going to address those problem areas," Murphy said.

Planned upgrades for Delmar over the next year include replacing several power poles, fuses, insulators and removing trees from several neighborhoods.

The tree-trimming program will begin this November.""

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