ALTAMONT: At what cost?

Gaughan said some of the early feedback from residents concerning the zoning of historical areas included prohibiting air conditioning units in the front of home, "inappropriate" paint colors, and other changes that would compromise the architectural value of homes that are 100 years old or older.

The areas of the village considered historical are along Main Street up to the railroad tracks and on to Maple Avenue, but there has been some discussion regarding expanding the historical district and acknowledging certain homes as historical sites.

Village homeowner Melanie Jakway said she, along with some of her neighbors, understands the intent to preserve the historical value of these homes but feels the proposal goes too far.

"Some of the proposals are simply not reasonable," said Jakway.

Gaughan said it is important for community members to remember the document's intent is to reflect the majority of the resident's desires for the village. He said throughout the process, the village has sent out mailings and held many public hearings as a way to get input from residents. It has been made available to the public through the village Web site as well as in the village office.

Ted Neumann, of Lark Street, said he appreciates the board's vision under the comprehensive plan and also the fact that the majority of the document has had positive feedback.

"It will always be a losing situation when you always try to please everyone. It's a balancing act between policing people and giving guidance," said Neumann.

Gaughan said the board would present any amendments to the zoning portion of the document at the November village board meeting.

In addition to the comprehensive planning hearing, Gaughan announced the village has received a $70,000 FEMA grant to help deal with flooding issues. Altamont was chosen out of five other municipalities to receive the grant.""

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