SARATOGA SPRINGS: Fallout after walkout

Kim said he questions McCabe's numbers and said he will have a financial presentation at the Tuesday, Oct. 16, meeting of the City Council.

McTygue proposed building an annex to the existing facilities in City Hall directly behind the building, and connecting the two with a bridge that would span above traffic.

Kim said it's not as easy as just throwing locations out for discussion. He points to years of studies on the subject and state-dictated size requirements for the courtroom facilities.

"These suddenly easy solutions that Commissioner McTygue wants to spew are not so easy," said Kim. "We've been held to a very high standard on this process. We're not even sure if the old building [City Hall] would be able to support a bridge."

Bridges may be what Kim is burning, within his own political party and without.

Kim's challenger in November's election, Republican Richard Wirth, took the opportunity to make some political hay out of Kim's leaving the City Council meeting.

"Instead of working to come to a solution that would please all members of the City Council and benefit the city, Commissioner Kim gave up. The citizens of Saratoga Springs deserve better from their elected officials," Wirth said in a written statement. "There is no place in Saratoga Springs for childish grudges that hold the city back. I am committed to working together with members of the City Council and residents alike, to create solutions that are best for the city."

McTygue, a fellow Democrat, took time out of his Oct. 2 agenda to comment on Kim's walkout.

"You know, I've been on this City Council for over 30 years, and I've had some pretty sour votes, but I've never just gotten up and walked out," he said. "You stay at the table and you work things out."

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