Clifton Park - Rebate checks coming soon

Jon Sullivan, who is on the town's water authority board and has been active in local Republican politics, thanked the town board for the rebate.

"The ideology is what's important. The ideology behind a $150 rebate to the people of Clifton Park, what that tells me is that five years from now, you're not going to be raising my taxes through the roof," Sullivan said. "I've heard people talking about politics and how this is political. It seems like pretty good government to me."

Clifton Park resident Norm Goldman, who frequently speaks at town board meetings, spoke after the public hearing and suggested that most of the speakers had political motives.

"I am political " with a small 'p.' I am not partisan," Goldman said. "I suspect there were a few people who spoke during the evening who were not partisan. I'll leave it at that."


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