Clifton Park - Supervisor's path led to Clifton Park

"I think anybody who has lived in town now and then, the level of policing and presence, I think they'll tell you it's night and day," Barrett said. "In my mind, by every measurable quality-of-life issue in the last several years there has been tremendous progress made. I think it's hard to dispute that."

Barrett is currently the chairman of the county board of supervisors and said he was proud that he presided over an 8 percent county budget decrease.

Clifton Park Republican Committee Chairman Mike Lisuzzo said that the town has taken statewide leadership roles under Barrett's tenure.

"We're lucky to have Phil still wanting to serve in the role of town supervisor," Lisuzzo said. "Phil is capable of running for Senate, Assembly, and other offices because he's so accomplished and has such a positive track record."

Democratic Committee Chairman Todd Kerner has questioned the motivation behind recent town initiatives, such as the planned $150 rebate to all residents and the building of a new town park in Rexford.

"It took them 10 years too long to plan another park. We've been calling for a town park for 10 years. Meanwhile the Commons is in disrepair and overcrowded," Kerner said. "The only time they do something is during an election."

Barrett responded to recent Democrat criticism of development and overcrowding in town.

"Exit 9 was in pretty tough shape when I took office in 2000," Barrett said. "Is it busy? Yes. Is there a lot going on? Absolutely. But that's what pays the bills. If we're able to drive revenues that aren't property tax and at the same time have a thriving business atmosphere, then everybody wins."


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