COLONIE: Town defends debris use

Supervisor Brizzell didn't know about the work because historically, requests for fill and the scope of the required work doesn't come through her office or the town board, she said.

It is between the people that sign the consent form and the town department looking to rid itself of fill, she said. Although this project was done under the typical auspices, Brizzell admits that the scope and size of the project may have warranted review by herself or the board because of the potential of public outcry.

"No one bothered to tell me about it. They didn't feel that it was any wrongdoing. The scope of the work is unordinary. There is this whole perception of public (funds) versus private (property) and even though it's legal it's not prudent to follow through with it (without proper review)," said Brizzell.

The proposal, scooping of the work and job was all brokered through Boisvert, from the necessary departments to the club, she said.

Brizzell has formed a committee of board members Frank Mauriello, Kevin Bronner and herself to review the project, she said.

Mahan is calling for an outside audit to be done to confirm or dispel any mismanagement at the hands of the town.

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