BURNT HILLS: BH-BL time travelers

"Why this clock survived the fire is unknown," said Reynolds.

A new company comes to town

Heard of the General Electric Company? In the late 1940s, the arrival of the corporation brought a flood of young families, and forever changed the landscape of the district.

"The early 1950s was a time of great growth of suburbia in the town of Ballston, and there was somewhat of a conflict," said Reynolds. "The rural farmers here were faced with newcomers working at GE, and they didn't want to mix."

Fiscal conservatism took the forefront, and the proposal to build another school " now Pashley Elementary " went to the polls three times before receiving the go-ahead. The school opened its doors for students in grades one to six. There were still one-room schoolhouses, one of them still standing on the corner of Route 50 and Gleason Road. The site bears an empty hole on its uppermost point; a large bell was moved to the courtyard at Pashley. Green with age, it is a historic tribute in the grassy gardens at Pashley.

"This bell was used to signal recess, and one lucky kid could run up the stairs and ring the bell," said Reynolds. "It was a great honor."

Also in the outdoor Pashley courtyard is a 350-pound white marble Polar Bear, the school's mascot, gifted to the district by one of the school's supporters.

The end of an era

The last one-room schoolhouse closed in the 1950s, when more than 1,000 new homes popped up in the area. In 1955, again with a construction proposal returning to the polls pared down several times from its original estimates, the public approved a plan to create the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School.

The high school was opened in 1955.

"We found a time capsule last summer from 1955 that we didn't even know existed," said Reynolds. "We've replaced it with a new one the students put together for future history enthusiasts to enjoy."

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