Danz enters Albany County race

Altamont resident Ted Danz has announced that he will run to represent the 31st district in the Albany County Legislature. He will run on the Republican and Conservative lines against incumbent William Aylward, who has the Democratic endorsement.

At a press conference on Monday, Sept. 17, Danz said his campaign will focus on reducing spending in county government.

Danz, a resident of Gardner Road, said, Taxpayers are paying too much to fund an overgrown and wasteful county government and many middle class taxpayers are struggling to stay in their homes. It's a travesty and it's why I'm running for county legislator.

Danz said that while average taxpaying families make common sense financial decisions when times are tough, the politicians now in control of county government simply increase spending and pass the burden on to taxpayers.

"Our county budget has nearly doubled in the last decade while our population has only risen by two percent. Why? Because county spending is out of control and mismanagement is expensive. If small business owners ran their operations the way the county is run, they'd be bankrupt," Danz said.

"Taxpayers simply cannot afford for career politicians to keep turning a deaf ear to the difficulties they are having because of the government's tax-and-spend ways," he said.

Danz introduced a seven-point "Taxpayer Defense Plan" that would protect taxpaying families by reforming the reassessment process, eliminating waste, reining in county spending and forcing our elected officials to be accountable for their performance.

"This is the year taxpayers say 'enough is enough' and draw a line in the sand that the career politicians and big spenders in county government can't miss," he concluded.

Danz will square off against incumbent and Democrat William Aylward, Jr. in the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 6.


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