Scotia Board of Trustees brings budget to public

Benny said he feels that the tax increase does not reflect the financial difficulties families are having.

"The village budget does not reflect their pain and suffering. The plan is to spend 6.5 percent more this year than last year. While taxpayers choose between cereal and medicine, our village just keeps spending as though the economy is vibrant and strong. Let the seniors and families in Scotia keep more of their own money. Many workers are worried about losing their job, seniors get little or no increase in pensions and Social Security and families struggle with higher credit card debt just to buy food. The village must return some of the hefty tax burden that has been imposed over the last three years. They will know how best to use the money to support themselves and their children," said Benny.

Rizzo said that the village would review certain line items that they may be able to adjust to lower taxes, but he said the main budget is both responsible and effective.

"We still have a village to run, and ignoring things we need to do will only hurt our residents in the long run, it's our job to try and keep that balance between meeting the village needs and taking into consideration what our residents can afford," said Rizzo.

The board continues to look into the possibility of eliminating the fire chief position.

The board will hold its final vote on the budget on May 1.""

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