Sandwich contest wraps up

Executive Director Nikki Caruso said this was the contest's first year, and it was a huge success. The contest had almost 200 participants, ranging in age from 9 year olds to seniors.

The Ciccotti wrap sandwich contest was the brainchild of Caruso and her colleagues.

"My coworkers and I frequent Professor Java's. We went there so often and would see the menu with other people's names and said, 'Well, what about us?'" said Caruso.

Other local names on the Professor Java's menu include: Lenny's Tuna, a light tuna sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mustard; Cheryl's Shocker, which includes turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato lettuce and hot sauce; Jill's Burning 3rd Degree Turkey Melt, a medley of turkey, onions, spinach, tomato, hot sauce and cheese; and Ashley's Artichoke Melt, which holds artichokes, roasted red peppers, tomato, spinach and cheese.

Karla Stone, member services representative for the Ciccotti Center, said the timing for the contest, which took place during all of March, was during a membership referral program where the center was trying to attract new members.

Caruso was surprised at how far younger members had made it in the competition. "We had nine and 14-year olds in the Top 5," she said. "Next year, we're thinking about having a contest for just a kid's menu."

After the success of this year's wrap sandwich contest, Caruso said there will definitely be similar future contests to come. Since Thornton said his sandwich is only guaranteed to be on the menu for one year, the Ciccotti Center will have to select a new winner"and a new Ciccotti sandwich"next spring.


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