Mayor Scott Johnson's memo irks Ron Kim

Speaking on behalf of Brydges, Johnson said that she is the first person to actually hold the position as human resources administrator and that when he told her he would be advising the commissioners about her duty to report strictly to him, she welcomed the idea.

But Kim said he does not believe that this is what the charter means, and instead sees it as a way for the mayor to control separate departments within the government. Kim said he does not agree with the memo, does not believe that the charter implies the interpretation the mayor has made and refuses to adhere to the recommended personnel policies as stated in the memo.

Not all Saratoga Springs commissioners seemed to be distressed over the mayor's reminder. A representative of Accounts Commissioner John Franck, Deputy Commissioner Michele Boxley, said she didn't really think much of the memo.

Finance Commissioner Ken Ivins said he had no comment.

Others have simply not yet voiced their concerns to the mayor.

Public Works Commissioner Anthony "Skip" Scirocco said he has not yet had the time to talk to the mayor about his concerns with what the memo implies because he has not been given the time yet by the mayor. "I do have a concern about the confidentiality that I haven't had the opportunity to discuss with the mayor. I did go up there the other day and asked for some time, but apparently I didn't get it," said Scirocco.

Scirocco said he would prefer the mayor to set standards for the council to vote on regarding personnel issues.

Johnson said he has not had personal contact with any commissioner who disagrees with the memo, but that, "It's unfortunate that in an operating city government, if there is any disagreement, that matters cannot be handled in a better way than just complaining.""

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