Nanotech events reach out to future scientists

But nanotechnology isn't just a theoretical study, only pertinent to those with a Ph.D. and a lab coat. Kaloyeros outlined many of the practical applications of nanotechnology that could revolutionize electronics manufacturing, the corporate world and the biotechnology industry.

Kaloyeros cited several major inventions that came about as a direct result of nanotechnology.

The clone hologram used for international business transactions, bionic limbs for amputees and airless tires made with a unique polymer, were a few of the inventions that Kaloyeros said were beginning to emerge in the marketplace today.

Other inventions could revolutionize health care. Just last month, Kaloyeros said a study showed that animal testing showed that an injection of nanoprobes were shown to destroy breast cancer cells, slowing tumor growth with no increase in toxicity.

Kaloyeros also said that the Capital District is at the forefront of nanotech ingenuity.

"Engineering projects like the airless tires are similar to the projects here at GE's Research and Development headquarters," said Kaloyeros, referring to General Electric's 1,900 employee hub in Niskayuna.

Kaloyeros also said that partnerships between the public and private sectors, like those going on in his program at the University at Albany will help drive the industry, creating more jobs for highly skilled and educated scientists.

He said nanotech education shouldn't be limited to universities though.

"We need to be training counselors in high school that nanotech is not a product, but the next wave in science and those counselors need to be advising students about how they can go about getting these degrees," said Kaloyeros.

Ricki Lewis, a museum trustee and geneticist, said she found Kaloyeros' examples compelling.

"Nanotechnology is interdisciplinary," said Lewis, who is also a writer of science textbooks that include information on nanotech developments. "It touches people's lives.""

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