TV series features Military Museum

In the early hours of the morning, the men wake to the sound of screaming as thousands of Japanese soldiers begin the charge.

For the following 12 hours the Americans try to hold a position, but are eventually pushed to the beach with their backs to the sea.

As the wounded become targets of the Japanese, the Americans go to great lengths to leave no one behind. When Dinova is wounded and unable to move, Grinaldo, also wounded, runs under enemy fire to pull his lifelong friend to safety. Sgt. Felix Giuffre from Brooklyn is shot four times. At one point, as he attempts to escape the attack, he crawls into a minefield. He is also rescued by one of his men who rushes in among the mines to carry Giuffre out.

Finally, in the late afternoon, amphibious landing vehicles known as Alligators come to rescue the surviving Americans. The Battle for Saipan is over. Later, three members of the 105th Regiment, including O'Brien who was killed, receive the Congressional Medal of Honor as a result of their heroism in the attack on Saipan.

The "Day Under Fire" series is produced for the National Geographic Channel by Kurtis Productions. Bill Kurtis and Donna LaPietra are the executive producers. Molly Bedell is the producer. James Mulcock is the associate producer. The re-creations were coordinated and directed by Wide Awake Films. For National Geographic Channel, the executive producer in Noah Morowitz.

The New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center's role is to preserve, interpret and disseminate the story, history and records of New York State's military forces and veterans. The collection, whose origins date back to 1863 during the Civil War, is housed in an armory built in 1889 in the resort town of Saratoga Springs. The museum houses more than 10,000 artifacts ranging from weapons, to historic documents and uniforms. The museum also collects video and oral histories of New York veterans.""

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