Numerous windows broken at Maplewood school

Every year, school districts clean up from the previous year and prepare for the next. Floors are waxed, light bulbs replaced and damage, to any part of school property, is fixed.

But at what point does the district examine the damage, and determine whether the routine management for the current year is out of the ordinary?

According to district officials from the North Colonie Central School District, that point had not yet been reached when over three dozen windows at the Maplewood School had been damaged over the course of the school year and into the summer.

As of July 1, the Maplewood School became an official member of the North Colonie Central School District family after an annexation was completed for the district to take over the Maplewood District and include it in its own.

When the school opens its doors for the 2008-2009 school year, it will no longer be its own entity, and its graduates will move on to schools within the North Colonie Central School District.

While Maplewood Principal Jerry Steele has expressed excitement about this transition, the school is now focusing on preparing, in the last month before school resumes, for school to start again.

According to Steele, he and a maintenance man in the school go out every morning and inspect the building. But they were not the only ones who have been inspecting the building lately.

Tim McGan, a resident of Latham, said he had gone for a walk at Maplewood and noticed, what he said, were nearly 40 damaged windows.

Spotlight Newspapers also observed that more than three dozen windows had breakage. On some panels, there was only a single hole, about the size of a nickel, with no spider-web-like cracks. A smooth, round and circular cut.

Others displayed a larger round break, bigger than a quarter, which cracked throughout most of the panels. On one panel, several circular cuts, the shape and size of a coffee can, were etched in the window.

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