Numerous windows broken at Maplewood school

Steele said he believes that most of the damages were caused by children throwing pebbles and stones from the school's playground. He also said he knew of the window with the large circle shape cut into it, and that, They play hardball down on the field, it could have been a hardball that hit it.

According to Colonie Police Detective Lt. John VanAlstyne, Colonie police were conducting an investigation on the breakage, until district officials told the police that the breakage was "old damage," and that they had known about it.

"There's really no story here," VanAlstyne said, before reiterating that "The school district had already known about it and said it was taken care of."

Steele said the damage had occurred throughout the school year and into the summer, and that the district was waiting to repair the windows all together until the end of the year, before school resumes. As of last week, the last week of July, the repairs had not yet been made.

Another area of confusion with the damage is the number of windows that are broken. According to Steele, "six panels, or so" needed to be replaced, while other district officials said "only four" panels were broken.

Steele said he could not attest for how much repairs would cost, but that it would be "a couple hundred" dollars for each panel.

However, aside from fixing the exterior of the building with new windows, Steele, who said he has been at Maplewood for 17 years, said the school is taking other measures to prevent this situation from happening again in the future.

"One of the things that we're trying to be proactive about is removing the stone out there," he said. Steele said there have been discussions about replacing the stones in the playground, which he has suspected have been used to break the windows, with a "softer material," like woodchips.

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