Committee to report on zoning

Naughton said this could be avoided through specific language in the zoning law.

The board also considered employing a mixed-use zone, meaning they would have both residential and commercial buildings.

Robinson said the problem with a mixed-use zone is that the term is not defined. She speculated that it means apartment buildings, offices, and restaurants, but that is a topic the board will continue to discuss.

"One of the things we have to do is define mixed-use," she said.

Naughton added that he wanted to be sure that the zone is not commercially under-developed.

"The commercial zoning district should be primarily commercial," he said of allowing too many residential buildings.

Robinson said they are hoping to have another advisory meeting on Monday, Aug. 25, and then a public workshop in September.

Naughton said the landowners should have an opportunity to meet and voice their concerns about the commercial zoning.

Howard Amsler, a commercial property owner in New Scotland, does not support a cap on commercial buildings and is worried that the board is not looking toward the future.

He is worried current owners will not be able to expand, and will have wasted the money they have already put toward expanding their businesses.

"We're self employed, we've made investments, we're working toward our retirement," he said.

Jeff Baker, another concerned attendee, emphasized that the zoning cap for commercial buildings should be at least 60,000 square feet.

He was more concerned with a cap on the entirety of the commercial zone compared to the rest of the town.

"The whole point is that's why you have to have a limit on your total commercial growth," Baker said. "It's a matter of making some kind of balance.""

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